Luke Melia


April 23, 2002

4/23/02, 1:32 am

I started off the day in a wicked funk. Fortunately, it got better as the day wore on. Work was a little rocky today. Negative article in the New York Times, and oodles of problems with a critical (and annoying) piece of enterprise software.

I went for a walk at lunchtime to the natural foods store and that helped me put things in perspective. After work, I went for a workout and volleyball clinic at my gym. The natural endorphins finished the job of waashing away the funk.

Speaking ofgoing to the gym, an iPod update. I’m 34% along the way to my goal.

My dad’s staying with me right now for a couple of days. We’ve been playing guitar (He just got a beautiful Ovation!) and hanging out. Haven’t seen him since the fall. Hard to believe how fast time seems to move now. We went for Japanese for dinner (I had sansai soba, a buckwheat noodle soup made with mountain vegetables… yum!).

What else? The weekend in 26 words: Chinatown lunch and parking, hanging with Mom and the girls, business brainstorms at a Brooklyn diner, volleyball in the park, dinner with Ilio and Cher in Brooklyn.

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