Luke Melia


March 27, 2002

3/27/02, 1:44 am

Melissa came by after work and we sang. Well, I played guitar and she sang. And I sang a little. We did Tangled Up In Blue, Long Black Veil, and Leaving on a Jet Plane. I also played her the two new songs she hadn’t heard. She likes the one for mom the best and described the chorus as falling sunshine. I’m totally in love with this song. I wish I could play it right now, but I’ll refrain in deference to my neighbors. Or maybe I’ll play it softly before going to sleep. Times like this I like living alone.

After musical hour I had a conference call for my potential freelance web project. Being on the call, lying on bed exhausted, reminded me of my days of yore in Charlottesville when I never had less than 3 or 4 business projects going on at once.

I went off to meet Melissa, Carrie, Jess and co. at Half King. Big crowd tonight for what someone dubbed the “love fest”. Bloggers represented. D Storchan and the Mighty Geek were in the house. It’s funny is that I met both of them through their girlfriends. I offered the Geek a perl lesson. I hope he takes me up on it.

Work has been in the background lately. Music has been in the forefront. The highlight of my days recently is rapping with Anthony and getting into coding grooves where I’ll listen to music and forget about everything but the application I’m working on. It’ll come around, I’m sure. It always does.

I ordered the first pieces of my digital home studio today. An M-Audio Duo, a pair of headphones, and a copy of MicroLogicAV. Just UPS Ground and a few more purchases between me and some serious recording/sequencing/mixing power!

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