Luke Melia


March 22, 2002

3/22/02, 2:43 am

I love how creative New York is! My friend Shannon just painted a wall of her room. It’s irregular and textured and came out great. Shannon’s brother and roommate, Baxter, is a rock star, on his way at least. He’s got the requisite musical chops, work ethic and the sunglasses at night. Yaron, Sam and friends (making up the band “Red”) performed their first gig at a bar tonight. They were great for their first real show. I saw a few friends there who also are learning guitar from Alec. We laughed about him having a recital. Anthony arrived late, raving about the performance of NimprovYC, his friend Dave’s improv group. Now he’s eager to redesign their site.

We hung out at Arlene Grocery for a while after Red finished listening to a trio from Utah who proclaimed how “psyched” they were to be in New York City!

My sentiments exactly.

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