Luke Melia


February 26, 2002

2/26/02, 12:59 am

I restrung both of my guitars (Dad’s old Fender and Singapore Devi, a Yahama). They sound full, shiny and new. As for me, I have tired eyes, a full stomach, sore legs, a broken heart, and a new song.

I also have a new CD. John Mayer’s Room For Squares. Acoustic guitar on jazzy pop with good lyrics. Elbert’s recommendation, and it’s growing on me.

I saw Monsoon Wedding last night. It’s a Mira Nair film, and it’s wonderful. See it.

Sunday was beautiful. I spent most of the day playing volleyball and then took a nice long walk through Central Park, wandering along the reservoir, through the Shakespeare Gardens and out the southern end into midtown…

There’s more to say, always more to write
Brighter ways to describe the morning light
Witty remarks and poetic turns of phrase
Attempts in vain to escape the psyche’s maze

But sometimes words seem old and powerless
The pen smashed to pieces by the proverbial sword
Irony a reminder of opportunities missed
And sweet poetry finally ignored.

And so, to bed, to end a day and begin another.

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