Luke Melia


February 21, 2002

02/22/02, 1:20 am

If you’re anywhere near New York City, plan on attending “Fast Blood.” a play at the Lark Studio. It’s on Thursday – Saturday, Mar. 7-9 at 8pm, Sunday, Mar 10 at 2pm and 7pm, and Monday, Mar 11 at 7pm.

Fast Blood: “Against the backdrop of American slavery, a couple cuts down a lynched man and begins a journey of enlightenment.”

My step mom wrote the play, and probably that blurb, too. I’ve read an older version of the script and it’s great. I’m so excited to see it produced. Come out with me and see the new play by Judy Tate!

I worked late tonight, and had a nice chat with my dad about using zen techniques to get through difficult times. “I notice that I’m feeling pretty crappy.” “I notice that I’m wondering if I’ll ever feel good again.” He recommended Everyday Zen, by Charlotte Boko. I worked on the song I started writing last night and played around recording it a bit.

Now, I sit and listen to a car alarm fade into the back of my brain. “I’m noticing I hear a car alarm.” “I’m noticing it’s really friggin’ annoying.”

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