Luke Melia


January 28, 2002

1/28/02, 8:44 am

After seeing Cabaret the other night, my grandma announced that she was hungry, so I, my grandmother, my mother and my sister Jessica ended up late night at the Veg-City Diner (6th Ave & 14th). Doing the late-night diner thing with three generations of my family and vegetarian food was sublime.

I had four friends over for dinner on Friday night — the first time I’ve done so in my nearly two years at my apartment. It was big enough, I found, and we looked at pictures from my trip (I’ll get them online, soon!). Later went to a party that was cool but a bit too crowded to be comfortable for me. Moby was there.

Yesterday, mom had a big dinner as a bon voyage for Jessica, who’s leaving to study for the semester in Bolivia. Monica wasn’t feeling well, but everyone else was in good spirits, eating tons of tofu lasanga and other incredibly delicious food. I’m really excited for Jess and can’t wait to hear of the adventures she will have.

Caught up with Brad M. on the phone last night, and Ryan, who seemed to be doing pretty well post-break-up. Ahead: A new week of work. A chance for volleyball victory. More catching up with friends. Low-stress activities. I like it.

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