Luke Melia


December 15, 2001

12/15/2001, 3:17 pm

It’s a beautiful clear and crisp day in New York City. Cold enough to wear a hat but the breeze and sun feel so good on your head.

Met Melissa at Union Square for produce shopping at the Green Market. I call it “greenmarketing” and it’s truly one of my favorite things in the world to do. After buying fruits and veggies (and a delicious now-nearly-all-eaten container of apple-raspberry sauce), we retired to Starbucks, that bastion of globalization. We sat and sipped and talked of girls and boys, friends and lovers, creativity and deja vu. An ideal Saturday morning. (Well, except for the Starbucks setting.)

Afterwards, I did a little shopping for my trip. With my general anti-consumerist bent, I often forget how much fun shopping is. Went to Paragon Sports and a few other places that were on the way home.

Now I sit and contemplate my backpack, my laundry and the cleaning I need to do. The remainder of the day is a mystery. Will I go to the gym? Will I pick out the clothes I’m taking with me? Will I write xmas cards?

While you wonder, consider subscribing to ReadyMade. I just read the New York Times article about it and ordered my trial issue.

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