Luke Melia


November 29, 2001

11/29/2001, 3:03 am

Good connections today. A few good meetings with Ilio. A great lunch with Mary in the back of Zia Tonia. Volleyball strategizing with Anthony. (Looks like partial sponsorship is a possibility again for next season!) Talking shop with James on templating, and with Michael and Keith on CSS.

After work, headed uptown and had dinner with Elbert. It’s great getting to know him. I realized tonight how little we knew each other before deciding to do this trip together. It just felt right. Nice to see that after hanging out some, I still have a good feeling about it. After dinner, we worked on playing Hold On, by Sarah McLachlan. He’s a very talented musician and has a pretty slick home studio set up at his apartment. A studio in a studio, heh.

Then it was a few rounds of boggle with Will and Dad. Will won the first game and I took the second one. Youth prevails! Just kidding, dad.

There’s currently a photo in the rotation above of Liz spiking at our volleyball clinic last night. I watched and took pictures during the clinic, and it seemed to be helpful for people. I think we should try to do it again when we have some specific problems to solve or things to improve.

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