Luke Melia


November 26, 2001

11/26/2001, 2:35 am

Saw “Spy Games”, starring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford. Not a bad flick. It was improved by the gambling. In lieu of playing tennis (on account of my foot), my one-time tennis partner Shannon suggested that placing bets on a movie would be a sort of athletic substitution. Entertaining, and she won two out of three categories.

Saw the coming attractions to Black Hawk Down. Anthony recommended it, and although I had decided it was too intense, maybe I’ll read it after all; it looks like reading it would make the movie really interesting.

Before the movie, I saw Shannon’s brother, Baxter Clement, and Bill Britelle play acoustic at the Gaslight. It was their first time playing out non-electric, and I thought they did pretty well. Dad and Will and Uncle Tommy and his FDNY batallion chief came out to the show, too. Good to see Uncle Tom.

I’m thinking about sending out holiday cards. Seems like a kind of daunting task, but probably would be a good thing.

Willie and Dad are here through the week. On the down side, I’m sharing my space. On the up side, I’ve got them to pal around with. They’re both already sleeping. Which is exactly where I should be. Good night.

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