Luke Melia


November 20, 2001

11/20/2001, 10:06 am

It’s just like the NY Times said: “Monday has become the new Thursday, which replaced the old Friday, but now often resembles the current Saturday.”

It’s especially true when your beleagured volleyball team wins 3 outta 3 games on a Monday night. What else are you to do but travel 10 blocks on your crutches to celebrate at an Irish pub? Early Tuesday morning was reminiscent of early Friday mornings I have known, with Rich sending a stream of not-quite-straight-thinkin’ emails (Taylor called them Faulknerian!) between and 2 and 4 am. Of course, he’s on vacation starting today. Me, on the other hand, I have a long busy day ahead. As soon as my Dad returns with a new rubber tip for the bottom of my crutch (along with Rich’s email self-discipline, another casualty of the evening), I’ll begin it.

Had some good talks last night with Anthony and with Cher, and then later with my Dad. Helped me put some things in perspective on the romantic side of things.

Dad’s back in town. He’s thinking of moving to NYC. It would be great to have him close by. He’s a very centering element in my life in his own peripatetic way.

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