Luke Melia


October 30, 2001

10/30/01, 12:22 am

I cried reading this article about two WTC survivors. The Times’ magazine piece What Makes A Suicide Bomber was pretty intense, too, not in a crying sort of way, but in a “sh*t, this is even more problematic than I thought” sort of way. Long, but worth the read.

First day at my new desk was a success. Didn’t fall out of the chair or nothin’. It’s my sixth desk at O2, and I imagine that some would find that annoying, but it fits right into my short attention span. I’m glad for the change of scenery. Seems like it will be fun talking to Anthony about our websites all day, too. Maybe we’ll get it out of our systems during the day so we don’t get hassled by our friends for talking about weblogs at restaurants.

I felt busier today than I have been in a while, which is cool. Glad to have some stuff I can dig into. I’m feeling much better about life in general too, this week. Must have been that time of the month…

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