Luke Melia


October 28, 2001

10/28/01, 10:13 am

I love this weekend of the year. The extra hour is such a sweet gift.

For me, it’s an especially gratefully received offer. I’ve been staying up so late. There always is something else to read, write, learn, or tweak. Going to bed without being utterly exhausted is a feeling I can dimy remeber. It’s a bad habit that puts a burden on my mid-day energy level, and wrecks any hopes of morning trips to the gym. I’m going to try improve it. Not sure how yet, though.

I spent yesterday on Long Island celebrating my sister Isabella’s birthday. (Her fourteenth, I think.) It was great to be around their attitudes. The energy they invest in spending time with friends and family, hanging out doing nothing, is something that I don’t often feel during the week. Dave Sibek was over with a beautiful acoustic guitar. Monica and I played a little and we all sang Beatles song together. As usual, the food never stopped. Lentil soup, olive- artichoke salad, bread from Amy’s (my contribution), lemon shrimp salad, green salad, linguine with broccoli rabe, stuffed baked apples, chocolate-walnut pie, and pumpkin pie.

After the Yankee game went sour, Monica set me in a chair in the kitchen and “fixed” my self-administered haircut. We had a funny exchange in which she said she might want to be a haircutter when she grows up. I mentioned that I didn’t think it paid too well. In reply, she pointed out that if she became the best haircutter and cut hair for the president or celebrities she would make a lot. That girl is smart!

I think she improved the back of my head, but did some new damage up top.

My attitude about work is on the upswing. I’m going to take steps to shift back into some more challenging technology work, replacing the challenge of managing people that I had been dealing with. I have a feeling it’s the best thing.

Volleyball this afternoon. Looks nice but cold out there. I’d best start putting on some layers. Later.

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