Luke Melia


October 23, 2001

10/23/01, 9:29 am

It’s been a while, and what a while it’s been. Last week was definitely my most down week in recent memory. A lot of different things caught up with me. Terrorism, war, layoffs, sense of purpose and connectedness… I know that I showed it and had a bunch of different friends ask after me. Thank you for that.

In the midst of that difficulty, I took shears and a shaver to my hair and took most of it off (very short). In front of a mirror. At 3 AM. Myself.

It was strangely therapeutic and a very primal feeling. I’ve had a few requests to go the next step and shave my head. I’m considering it, but not until I get back to the gym more regularly. If I have no hair, I want to be buff. I’m not sure why — just seems like the right thing to do.

There are more anthrax deaths and still, the Yankees trounced the Mariners and Teams Foo and Bar got trounced. Life goes on under attack. Weird. But what else is it supposed to do? Stop?

Guess that’s about it. Feeling somewhat uninspired at work, with the load balancer being the only thing capturing my technical imagination. At home, though, I’ve been messing around with the mp3 format’s ID3 tags, and that’s interesting. Frustrating for the inconsistent implementations I’ve found so far, but interesting. Thinking about planning a trip, too! Got to go to work. Peace.

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