Luke Melia


October 13, 2001

10/13/01, 2:22 am

Something about this time of night…

Check out this aerial view of Ground Zero.

Anthrax in NYC now. This is getting ugly. And it sounds like it will get worse before it gets better. It’s sort of a catch-22. If you succumb to the fear and let yourself be “terrorized”, you give the terrorists a victory. But if you’re in New York and you’re not at least a little scared, you’re nuts.

I’m succeeding in acting not scared, though. Launch of a project milestone today at work. Dinner with Brad, Chelle, and Sarah last night at Zen Palate, and tonight with Brad’s parents at Little Basil. Melissa and Jim’s joint birthday party tonight. Watching guys break-dance in Union Square. (Apparently, it’s back in style…)

Strange times, these.

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