Luke Melia


September 30, 2001

9/30/01, one am

Couldn’t pull it together to get out to Kew Gardens tonight. After a full day of volleyball, I was pretty beat. Hopefully I’ll see Don soon enough.

Dad’s here after all. It was nice to see him tonight. He’s reading a book about the Taliban, trying to educate himself about these folks. He’s about two-thirds through and is recommending the book to others.

In getting the link for the book, I noticed that there’s a 3-5 week backorder on it at Amazon. This stuff is just information… there should be a better way.

Speaking of better ways (or other ways at least), I’m thinking about doing a Avant Go version of my blog suitable for reading on a handheld device. Should be pretty straightforward and will be useful to the throngs of busy readers. ;-)

I also had the idea of an email address, maybe or something, that I could forward mail to for availability on my palm. I don’t sync my mail now, and don’t really want to. This would let me selectively make things available to me on the go.

The architecture would be to configure that address to process mail through a script that would dump the messages into a database or flatfiles. Then a php page would disaply them appropriately. I’d also need an interface for removing things and/or I could have things expire after a certain amount of time.

Made some more progress on learning Christmas Song. It’s starting to sound like a real song, as opposed to a random guitar flailing noise. I’m most proud of myself for choosing a song that is easy-to-learn.

Finally, I had sushi with Ilio and Cherilyn tonight. What a great pair or people, both separate and together. They make me wish I had a girlfriend again.


I’m actually really glad that I’m single and really glad that I got myself in this situation. It’s been a long time, and the dynamics of really answering to no one but myself are refreshing.

I said “finally” introducing the last topic. I lied. I should also mention that I looked at a friend’s apartment this morning. To buy. He and his fiancÚ are selling and moving to Brooklyn. I’m not really going to buy it (or any abode right now) because I don’t have the down payment for one. I just wanted to get a feel for the process. It’s amazing how little space you get in Mnahattan for a few hundred Gs.

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