Luke Melia


September 28, 2001

9/28/01, 2:14 AM

9/28/01, 2:14 AM

I finally understand why they call the music “emo.” I went to see Sparklehorse tonight at Bowery Ballroom. Joyce’s birthday present to me. Unfortunately, I was in quite a funk beginning the evening. Not a James Brown kinda funk, either. A kinda feel like crying for no reason but on-second-thought-don’t-wanna-make-the-effort kinda funk.

A poor birthday boy I made… Anyway, I was feeling a little better when I got to the show. Talking to Joyce’s British friend helped — accents generally make me feel better about life I think. When the band got going, I just lost mysef in the guitars and keyboards. Loud and emotive, the sound really let’s you put your whole brain in it. It’s a good experience.

Reminds me of Rainer Maria. I wonder if Brad’s heard of them. I’d be surprised if he hadn’t.

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