Southeast Asia Travels: Welcome


Dear friends, dear family,

I hope your holiday season is treating you well. May your last days of 
2001 be good to you and may 2002 have great stuff in store for us all.

I'm having an airborne Christmas this year (as if the jewish star on top 
of my family's tree isn't non-traditional enough). I leave tomorrow on a 
Northwest Airlines flight bound for Tokyo and then Singapore.

I'll be gone 4 weeks, and I hope to use this list to share a few stories 
from my travels. If you want off the list or want to subscribe with a 
different address, now's a good time to do it. If I set things up right, 
there should be instructions in the header of this message.

A rough itinerary: In Singapore, I'll spend a few days with Aji, a good 
friend from Bangalore, India. (You might remember Aji from my letter 
about the night we met [see "Wednesday's Expedition" on 
http://www.lukemelia.com/travel/indialetters3.html]). On Saturday, I fly to 
Laos, where I'll celebrate the new year and hopefully find out why so 
many backpackers say that Laos is their favorite part of Southeast Asia. 
From Laos, I go overland to Thailand to meet my friend Elbert on 
January 4th. We plan to go north for a bit and then south in Thailand 
and be back in Bangkok around the 18th for our flights home.

I've purposefully tried to leave my plans a bit vague and leave things up 
to chance. I only expect to send a few emails to this list, but will check 
mail when it's convenient, so don't hesitate to drop me a line at 

Happy Holidays and Peace & Joy to the World!