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Note: Pair has now integrated Spam Assassin into their systems, which makes this info sort of pointless. -Luke

I set up SpamAssassin on my shared account at pair in a way that takes advantage of procmail's ability to have command line arguments passed to it (man procmail and check out the -a flag). In this way, I can easily enable spam filtering for selected mailboxes and forward recipes. Here's what I did:

Installed SpamAssassin 2.44 to

Created two procmail recipe files:



To filter mail for a forward recipe (mail to should be spam filtered and then forwarded to, I created the following file:


For an address to deliver using a local mailbox ( is configured as a POP account via the ACC), I created the following file:


You may be able to create these .qmail files using the ACC instead, in which case the file will automatically be created in /var/rules/USERNAME/

To be clear, this setup results in all mail going to the same place, but some of it being processed by spamassassin, making it easier to filter into a junkmail folder in your mail client.

Hope this helps you out.

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