I s a b e l l a ' s  P o e t r y

Ocean, Our Mother

As I climb aboard
my feet almost slip
on the slick surface
I glance at the dark water below
and decide
I don’t want to find out what it feels like

I inhale deeply
and I can smell
salty ocean air
The wind blows my hair
whipping it across
my stinging face

The boat rocks
back and forth
with eave wave that hits the hull
like the ocean is our mother
cradling the boat in her arms

Bluefish jump in the waves
silvery bellies catch the sunlight
like a mirror
but before you can make out its shape
it disappears beneath the waves
as elusive as a sunbeam
coming and going
in the blink of an eye

One jumps high
over the waves
its belly shines longer and brighter
than the others:
a great acheiver
in a school of commoners
swimming in the Sea of Life

Isabella Vitti, age 11

Dear Stone Soup,
I go crazy when I recieve the late st Stone Soup!!!!!! I put down everything and indulge myself in the wonderful stories and artwork tucked behind the colorful covers. I would love to get my own work printed in this magazine, but hey-- rejections are part of a writer’s life. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!
I felt that Anna Wong’s story, "Pain, Pride, Prejudice" was not realistic. I don’t think that anyone would be that cruel to a fellow human being. People are prejudiced, but I don’t think anyone is that prejudice. Also, the purpose of a story is to solve a problem presented to the characters. The problem in this story is that the children are being mean to Rowena because she is Asian. By not telling anyone about the children, Rowena and Andrew are not solving the problem. If the children are not punished or lectured, they will continue to be racist.
I hope that you decide to publish my story or poems. Thanks!
Isabella Vitti