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October 3, 2007

Clickable Ruby Stacktraces with iTerm & TextMate

6 Responses to “Clickable Ruby Stacktraces with iTerm & TextMate”

  1. Reinier Balt chimed in:

    you get this for free when using Netbeans :-)

  2. Ryan Davis chimed in:

    Reinier: yeah, but then he’d be running netbeans. My guess is textmate + iterm + rails + the rest of the OS runs within the memory footprint of netbeans…

    Luke: while I’m glad you now have clickable links, isn’t there some way to keep them readable? Maybe even cleaning them up even more over your default (remove full paths and the stupid rails /../ crap)?

    I’ve got all that and autotest integration and more within emacs. It truly is helpful.

  3. Bryan Helmkamp chimed in:

    The same thing works in Leopard’s If you right click a link, you can choose “Open URL”. I confirmed this works for txmt:// URLs.

  4. Chip chimed in:

    I am new to RoR and this has helped me immensely when using autotest. I am trying to figure out how to hook this into the browser’s stack trace. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

    Thanks again for this killer script!

  5. Dr Nic chimed in:

    Did you ever get this hooked into autotest?

  6. Mark’s Link Blog » links for 2008-12-29 chimed in:

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