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Luke Melia

Introducing Ript

Recently, when a friend or family member asks me how my job at Oxygen is, I tell her that the last year has been the most satisfying of my career. I’ve assembled a team of developers who I love working with and am supported by a fantastic management team, straight up to our CEO.

It’s not just that, though. This talented team has been building an application which is the coolest software project I’ve ever worked on. We’ve been keeping it pretty quiet, but we’re now opening up the kimono a little bit more.

Ript lets you tear stuff off the web just like you tear something out of a magazine. Check it out and let me know what you think.

A Pipe for Pair.com System Notices

In my never-ending efforts to deal with the fast-flowing river of information, I created a Yahoo! Pipe that might be useful to others. I host some websites with Pair.com out of Pittsburgh. They offer an RSS feed of all of their downtime, maintenance, etc. The problem is they have host 192,000+ sites on a vast number of servers, and I only really care about one of those servers: the shared host where my sites reside. After months of scanning the system notices feed a few times every day, I decided to end the madness and create a pre-filtered feed I can subscribe to in place of Pair’s feed.

The Pipe filters the pair.com system notices for a particular keyword in the title. The name of the server you’re hosted on is a good one. Feel free to use it, clone it, or what have you.

Pair.com System Notices for Your Server

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