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John Lam on IronRuby

Here’s an interview with John Lam about IronRuby and Silverlight.

A few notes: IronRuby, Microsoft’s implementation of Ruby, is only a couple of months old. The major drivers are getting Ruby running on mature runtime and having leveraging to the security models in the .NET CLR and Silverlight as well as access to the .NET Base Class Libraries. It’s going to be released as Microsoft’s version of an open source license (MSPL).

Ruby in the Browser

Wow. Some pretty sweet news from MIX07:

Jim Hugunin’s Thinking Dynamic : A Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

We’re initially building four languages on top of the DLR – Python, JavaScript (EcmaScript 3.0), Visual Basic and Ruby. We shipped today both Python and JavaScript as part of the Silverlight 1.1alpha1 release today. John Lam and I will be demoing all four languages, including VB and Ruby, working together during our talk tomorrow at 11:45.

Ruby in the browser! And across platforms. And on the CLR. Seems like all my tech stars are aligning.

RailsConf planning

With GoRuCo behind us, I’m looking to the west, towards Portland and RailsConf. Here are the sessions I’m thinking of attending. If you want to catch up and talk Tracks, agile, or whatever, hit me up on the conference meetup.

GoRuCo 2007 was great

I am delighted that GoRuCo was such a success, and relieved that it is over. Bryan did a great job live blogging the event. Meeting and talking to the speakers and attendees was my favorite aspect of the event. Though our kick-ass name tags were a close second!

GoRuCo Name Badge

GoRuCo in 33 hours

The final attendee lists have been distributed… The name badges are assembled… T-Shirts are here… Books and schwag to raffle off is piling up…

After months of prep, the doors to Google NYC open at for GoRuCo at 9AM Saturday morning! From both an organizer’s perspective and as an attendee, I’m looking forward to a great day. There are definitely some mind-bending talks slated. I’m especially looking forward to meeting all the avid rubyists trekking to Chelsea from up and down the East Coast.

FYI, the conference has been sold out for some time now, so don’t show up without a ticket. Please do, however, feel free to come party with us at The Music Box starting at 9PM on Saturday night! If you’re not attending the conference and you show up, tell me you saw this on my blog, and your next drink is on me!

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