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February 18, 2007

Presenting at Code Camp NYC

I’ll be giving a talk at Code Camp NYC II on March 3rd. The title is “Supercharging the WPF Command Pattern with Dependency Injection”. Turns out that XAML and Castle IoC is a nice combo and I’ll walk through an example that Saturday.

My colleagues Wendy (blog) and Oksana (no blog) are also doing two joint presentations at Code Camp. One is on pair programming and one on testing with Rhino Mocks. Wendy is a great TDDer, and if the pair of the them are half as entertaining as they are in our team room every day, those talks will be a blast.

Code Camp is at Microsoft’s NYC office near Columbus Circle. Registration is free and now open.

Speaking of conference registrations, we’re opening up registration for Gotham Ruby Conference this Tuesday evening. We have a limited capacity, so it’s probably a good idea to buy a ticket early.

If you’re one of the bilingual C#/Ruby people who are attending both of these, I’m sure we’d have a lot to chat about!

One Response to “Presenting at Code Camp NYC”

  1. Wendy chimed in:

    Thanks for the plug! I was a little nervous last night, but then I thought, no worries, Oksana’s really funny!

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