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The Rails Way reviews Tracks

Jamis & Koz of the Rails core team took me up on my invitation to review the codebase of Tracks and tell me how bad of a rails coder I am. Just kidding! Their constructive criticism is great and it looks like the new Rails Way website will be a great educational resource. Their first review covers what happens when I get carried away by shiny programming constructs:

These both illustrate a common anti-pattern I see with rails programmers: premature extraction. Just because rails has a bunch of meta programming magic with names like acts_as_list, doesn’t mean you need it.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of their thoughts over the next few days and to applying their ideas back to Tracks and making it great.

I should also say that although I submitted Tracks to Jamis to review, I’m not the creator of the app. That visionary is bsag, who also wrote most of the application. The code pointed out as premature extraction is mine, of course!

Debugger Visualizer for Castle MicroKernel

In a project at work, we just started using an Inversion of Control container called MicroKernel, which is part of the Castle Project. It’s awesome and is already helping us clean up our code substantially. Working from some code in the castle subversion repository, I put together a Debugger Visualizer for VS.NET 2005 that lets you view the dependency graph of the components in your container while debugging. Here’s a peek:

GraphNodes Visualizer

You can get the bits from my subversion repository here. The readme has instructions for building and installing.

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