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June 6, 2006

JetBrains .NET Tools Blog

JetBrains, makers of my favorite C# development too, Resharper, have launched a .NET Tools Blog. They start off talking about the excellent Go to Type feature and ask what the reader’s favorite feature in ReSharper is. I’d have to go with Introduce variable (Ctrl+Alt+V). I’m sure I’ve been driving my team nuts lately because I’m always spewing Resharper keyboard shortcuts that can save them time while we’re pairing!

One Response to “JetBrains .NET Tools Blog”

  1. Mun chimed in:

    The shortcut keys in Resharper are great! I printed out the cheat sheet and have it on my desk, which is a great time saver.

    Jeff Atwood at also has a great blog entry on shortcut keys with a macro to generate the list for you. Check it out: It’s quite handy.

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