Luke Melia


July 7, 2012

Github post-receive hooks and SSL certificates

I’m working on getting a CI server setup for Yapp with Jenkins and the Jenkins github plugin. I ran into a puzzling roadblock that I will now blog for future me’s and you’s running into the issue.

The issue was that I was never seeing the github web hook request hitting my Jenkins server. I verified that I had setup the plugin correctly and disabled authentication for the web hook URL. After a bunch of experimentation and dead ends, my brother-in-law Micah suggested that perhaps Github is aborting when it sees the self-signed SSL certificate that I was using on the CI server. Sure enough, once I replaced the self-signed cert with a commercial cert from a recognized CA, everything started working perfectly.

2 Responses to “Github post-receive hooks and SSL certificates”

  1. Daniel Seltzer chimed in:

    Nothing against my brothers-in-law, but that’s a helluva brother-in-law right there. You married well!


  2. Martin Schayna chimed in:

    Strange. My Jenkins uses self signed certificate two years and happily receives GitHub web hooks until previous week. The last web hook call was processed 2/4/2014, from this date I have received nothing.

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