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June 22, 2010

“Managing Rubyists” video from GoRuCo

I had a great time presenting this talk at GoRuCo 2010. If you watch it, please don’t be shy with your feedback, tips, or criticism.

3 Responses to ““Managing Rubyists” video from GoRuCo”

  1. Brendon chimed in:

    Hi Luke, thanks for sharing this, I finished it last night.

    My favorite take-away from this was slide 11. I thought your brief mock conversation providing critical feedback was a simple but powerful example. I’m not a manager, but I’m going to try and remember the you-don’t-have-to-solve-it mentality. That can apply to programming and beyond.

    The one-on-one idea also has me intrigued. It seems like it could be a pretty powerful tool, and I’m interested since I’ve yet to be in an environment that exercised something like that. If you need any ideas for future presentation, I bet advice on keeping one-on-ones and standups positive and constructive would be well received. Not currently involved in either, but I imagine certain personality types (myself included) could get quite anxious about things like that.

    Well done.

  2. Eduardo Xavier chimed in:

    In fact, many of the concepts and principles you use is about Toyota System (working product, manage people) and it isn’t only about Ruby Teams. In my past two teams we used scrum and did most thing you had presented. To be honest, there isn’t nothing about a programming language which make the professional more creative or not. That’s an old fight and I don’t buy it anymore! VB/JAVA in 90s, C#/Java in 00’s and now this whole new technologies Ruby/Python/bláblá. The most important thing is, get the job done with quality, respecting people, choices and environment context.
    Anyway.. that’s my view. Apart from this, I loved you presentation! You’ve passed the message across! Thank you.

  3. Eduardo Xavier chimed in:

    I’m sorry when I said “now” about Ruby and Python I meant about community size, mature and development. I know it 2010 staff! :P Thank you again!

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