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April 27, 2008

GoRuCo 2008

Gotham Ruby Conference was yesterday at Pace University. It was a great day – kudos to the organizers. If you missed it, check out the video from Confreaks when it is posted.

My badge from Gotham Ruby Conference 2008

UPDATE: A few more conference pics, courtesy of Sebastian, including some of the afterparty/hackfest, where Jeanhee & Chiara came out to meet the ruby geeks!

2 Responses to “GoRuCo 2008”

  1. Jake Rutter chimed in:

    Hey, I just read a good intro book to ruby on rails, and Im really starting to get into more of the dev/front end side. I will check out the video, are there other conferences in the area, it would be cool to check one out and meet you sometime.

  2. Jess chimed in:

    Wow, your hair is so long!

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