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October 23, 2007

A good reminder about Agile

Great post from James Shore, whose upcoming book I’m eagerly awaiting.

In the pre-Agile world, methods got so focused on documents and processes that they stopped talking about how to design, develop, and code. They turned to naval-gazing and lost sight of this essential fact: in software development, software is king.

Agile development started out as a reaction to this problem. Nowadays, I fear that the agile community is falling prey to the same mistake.

He captures my feelings about XP very well.

One Response to “A good reminder about Agile”

  1. Joe Ocampo chimed in:

    This is a very valid point. I am working on a Agile SDLC for my company and I always have to remind my senior leadership that we have to focus on the people and code, not the process! But especially in large corporations this thought is lost in the forest as external auditing agencies reek havoc on process. Forget the fact that we are producing great software, the fact that I didn’t dot my “i” and cross my “t” is much more important. Sorry for the rant just been in process land all week.

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