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August 15, 2007

Introducing Ript

Recently, when a friend or family member asks me how my job at Oxygen is, I tell her that the last year has been the most satisfying of my career. I’ve assembled a team of developers who I love working with and am supported by a fantastic management team, straight up to our CEO.

It’s not just that, though. This talented team has been building an application which is the coolest software project I’ve ever worked on. We’ve been keeping it pretty quiet, but we’re now opening up the kimono a little bit more.

Ript lets you tear stuff off the web just like you tear something out of a magazine. Check it out and let me know what you think.

7 Responses to “Introducing Ript”

  1. jbm chimed in:

    Looks very interesting and Cocoa-like, except for that only running on Windows thing.

  2. lukemelia chimed in:

    Ah, yes that only running on Windows thing. Ironic for a car-carrying Cult of Mac member like me…

  3. Meg chimed in:

    Luke, this is freakin’ awesome! I’m so excited to put it to use. I’ll put the word out on my blog as soon as I have a chance.

    Love to Jeanhee and Chiara – Pat sends along his howdy, too.

  4. macournoyer chimed in:

    Looks nice! Congrats on launching this Luke!

    Any chance for a Mac OS version ?

  5. lukemelia chimed in:

    @Meg: So glad you like it! Hi back to your hubby.
    @Marc-Andre: Best chance for a Mac version at the moment is if MS releases a .NET framework for OS X.

  6. Esekla chimed in:

    There’s a .NET framework for Linux. Does that mean there’s a chance I’ll get to try it? Where’s the source?

  7. lukemelia chimed in:

    When WPF gets implemented on Mono, running Ript on Linux will be possible. That’s not the case at the moment.

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