Luke Melia


February 24, 2007

18 Months of Rainbows

18 Months of Rainbows

Chiara’s vocabulary is suddenly expanding. Recent new words include: flower, hyena, piggy, zoom, booby, ball, poo, and happy baby. And in Korean: eggiah (baby), nuna (big sister), opta (all gone), thugowa (hot), and shee (pee).

5 Responses to “18 Months of Rainbows”

  1. Jeremy Miller chimed in:

    That’s entirely too cute Luke.

  2. Robert Zurer chimed in:

    a happy baby is a flower
    growing in a garden of love

    her poo and pee
    returning to the soil
    to be transformed

    in this garden
    all new creatures play together
    the booby traps of life still in the far distance

    the hyena laughs, the piggy snorts
    as they toss the hot ball of the giving sun

    the sweet light fades as they watch it
    zoom across the sky
    until it is all gone

    dusk promises a new day
    the baby waits to be a big sister

  3. lukemelia chimed in:

    Thanks for that, Robert. Chiara loved it!

  4. auntie isa chimed in:

    you forgot octopus! (sorta)

  5. Ayyi chimed in:

    Oh my God! Very cute baby *-*

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