Luke Melia


January 5, 2007

eXtreme Tuesday Club, NYC Chapter

Mike Roberts is kicking off a new gathering of New York-area agilists:

The original eXtreme Tuesday Club is a weekly gathering of eXtreme Programming practitioners that has taken place in London for 8 years or so. It has provided a great community for like-minded software developers, managers and coaches to get together in a very informal way to discuss the ups and downs of using XP and other agile Software Development methods on a wide variety of projects in all sorts of organisations.

I (Mike Roberts) got a lot out of London’s XTC when I lived there. Even though I wasn’t a ‘regular’ I still found it a great place to pop along to every now and then when I was in the mood. I miss the informality / beer / random banter that it provided so I’ve decided to kick off a similar event here in New York City. I’m not sure if the US / UK cultures are aligned enough that it will work, but you don’t know if you don’t try.

The first one is Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 at Heartland Brewery in Union Square. See you there!

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