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January 5, 2007

ASP.NET – The HTTP verb POST used to access path … is not allowed

Here’s my contribution to the search engine troubleshooter’s knowledge base.

I was trying to fire up an ASP.NET web service (.asmx) on my development machine after several months of not using it. I was getting the error:

“The HTTP verb POST used to access path ‘[my web service’s URL]’ is not allowed”.

I eliminated the problem by removing the mapping of ‘*’ to aspnet_isapi.dll in my IIS settings. I had introduced this while experimenting with URL Rewriting and Castle MonoRail.

Hope that helps someone!

15 Responses to “ASP.NET – The HTTP verb POST used to access path … is not allowed”

  1. Nelson Cheng chimed in:

    Definitely helped me mate, that exactly what I have occuring too!


  2. Flyingfenix chimed in:

    It just solved the problem.

    The best and simplest answer between hundreds, many given by “experts”.


  3. Leon chimed in:

    Using win 2000 there is no aspnet_isapi.dll. Any ideas?



  4. salman chimed in:

    thanks mate, I had the same problem.
    removed the * mapping from the Dirctory(tab)>configuration(button)>Mapping(tab).
    and everything works fine(except the url rewriter, but i dont mind).

  5. kwoodard chimed in:

    That worked! Tons of crap higher on google of no help at all. I inherited a machine and that setting was the problem. Thanks!

  6. jayakrishna chimed in:

    how to send a email by using using html script pls send sample code for this problem

  7. Niladri chimed in:


    I am getting the same error with my webservice, and most surprisingly it has started coming coming only from today! My application is built in ASP.NET 2.0. This is created as project, not as website. So, how can I make any change in the ISAPI? Please help…


  8. Swedish chimed in:

    Great! this solved my problem.

  9. Gareth chimed in:

    Excellent thanks very much for posting this. I was struggling and searching on the net for an hour before I came across this article.

  10. Oran chimed in:

    Thanks! Solved my problem!

  11. sikho chimed in:

    I see that everyone fix thier errors but i’m new to asp and my code was woking fine all of a suden this http verb post…….path not allowed in stuck and really need help anyone if you wouldn’t mind step by step how to fix the problem cause i went to my web config and removed those verb=”*” post=””…. by the my code still does not work please need anyone’s help asp presenting on thursday thank you

  12. Sikho chimed in:

    i am having the same problem but need step by step explination on how to solve please anyone asp. i’m presenting this thursday so any help would greatly appr…… i deleted the verb=”*” by web config but nothing has changed please need help

  13. hoya chimed in:

    Thanks Mate, IT WORKED!


  14. Stephen chimed in:

    Thank you so much for this, saved hours of tryign to figure out why the hell this is happening!

  15. charm chimed in:

    I have the same problem with Linkbutton and I solved the problem by redirect the web page in the code behind, see below.

    Pricing Strategy Matrix Reference Guide

    Private Sub lnkReferenceGuide_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles lnkReferenceGuide.Click
    Me.GroupMLOTables.Visible = True
    End Sub

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