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July 11, 2006


Even my casual acquaintances are likely to know of my love for beach volleyball. (Jeanhee and I took Chiara to her first pro tournament a couple of weeks ago, and my favorite team won it! Congrats, Casey & Matt!)

Brazil is second only to California for beach volleyball talent, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to see a volleyball spinoff emerge from there.

But everything about bossaball is suprising:

Bossaball is a ball game between 2 teams. It’s a variation on the volleyball concept.

The court is a combination of inflatables and trampolines, divided by a net.

Bossaball mixes sports with music. Bossaball referees have a whistle, a microphone, various percussion instruments and a dj set. They referee the game and add riveting tunes to take it to a higher level. They’re the Masters of Ceremony. Players play to the music / The music follows the game.

Bossaball brings elements of capoeira, samba, breakdancing, football, volleyball, acrobacy and circus together on a single pitch.

Rules / Scoring / How to play

Bossaball can be played in teams of 3 or 4 or 5 players. The aim of bossaball is for each team to ground the ball on the opponent’s field. Each team is entitled to a maximum of 8 contacts with the ball on its own field, meanwhile the trampoline jumper gains height to prepare a (spectacular) smash. Any body part can be used. Players can touch the ball only once with their hands, or double touch it with their feet and/or head.

Once a team grounds the ball on the inflatables it gains 1 point. Scoring on the trampolines is worth 3 points. Hitting the bossawall (= the red rings around the trampolines) doesn’t count as a score, so the rally continues.

You crazy, crazy people!

OK, when can I try it?

Videos and more at the official Bossaball website.

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