Luke Melia


June 6, 2006

Music to my ears

From the tracks-discuss mailing list:

Many many thanks to all. Tracks has reduced my stress level. I can now spend time with my kids. I no longer feel guilty or on edge because I have something to do but can’t remember it or was trying to keep the 300+ things in my head.

As a software developer, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing people are using the code you wrote, and that it’s improving their lives!

2 Responses to “Music to my ears”

  1. d chimed in:

    Luke, did you create this application? it looks pretty crazy. hope you’re well.

  2. lukemelia chimed in:

    It’s a group effort, I’ve contributed a bunch of code to this project. The creator and primary developer is a woman out of the UK who goes by the name bsag, short for But She’s A Girl!

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