Luke Melia


February 3, 2006

43 of Everything

I just discovered the 43 family of websites: 43 Places / 43 Things / 43 People. They’re beautiful things. I don’t mean beautiful aesthetically, though they’re reasonably attractive. I mean beautiful in the sense of the web fulfilling it’s natural destiny of knitting together people and ideas in a way that celebrates our connections and our uniqueness. If I didn’t have to pack for a trip to Florida this weekend, I’d still be wandering, tagging and reading…

One Response to “43 of Everything”

  1. Mike Melia chimed in:

    Lukio-san sama,
    Que pasa?
    That 43 Stuff is Wild — trippy – – – like being on the internet’s version of LSD . . .

    Ride the wave.

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