Luke Melia


September 26, 2005

My new software development blog

For several months now, I’ve felt it would be valuable to post blog entries about problems, solutions, tools and ideas in software development. After all, I spent a good chunk of every workday thinking about this stuff, and a fair bit of weekend, evening and dream time, too. I resisted posting to my blog on this site, because it’s read by friends and family who in significant majorities, would be lost, bored, and searching for pictures of my daughter between code snippets. Likewise, software professionals who might find my coding thoughts useful, probably don’t care too much about my last beach volleyball tournament.

So, here we are. The link to the blog’s home is The RSS feed for the main site will include posts to both blogs for now. The RSS feed for the dev blog is here. There are still some navigation issues to work out on this site. In due time…

I plan on covering a wide swath. My day job is in C# primarily. I manage a small team for a cable television network and we use an agile approach. My freelance projects are mostly for web sites and I do LAMP stuff mainly. Lately, I’ve been teaching myself Objective-C and Cocoa, and I’m hankering to get some experience with Python and Ruby. In former incarnations, I did a ton of perl and Java.

And away we go…

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