Luke Melia


November 12, 2004

The True Story of Audion

Panic is the story of Audiona shareware company that made a mp3 player for the mac in the pre-iTunes days. It’s called Audion, and I used it when I was in high school. They’ve taken the time to tell the story of the app and it’s a great read!

In short, we didn’t want Audion, flashy crazy Audion, to go with a whimper. We felt it was time to celebrate this one application — this one tiny tale in a world of millions — that’s done so much for us, and whose customers and fans have helped us become what we are today, to whom we owe so much. It’s time to inscribe in the great Mac App Yearbook.

It’s time to tell Audion’s story.

There’s a lot here that reminds me of my Kaizensoft days. Except, of course, our app was never a huge hit in Japan…

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