Luke Melia


October 25, 2004


Eminem in the thick of it. From Ian Inaba, producer/director/editor of the music video for Eminem’s latest, “Mosh”:

…it seemed Mr. Mathers had also been in the lab concocting his own plans for the election and it was precisely the anthem I had been looking for. So with less than six weeks to deliver we put together a team and forgot about what it meant to sleep. In order to produce animation for a song that runs 5:20 in just over 5 weeks we were going to need a lot of green tea and mate and a little help from Marshall himself. This video was made possible by a team of artists who came together inspired by a song and video that might be able to effect the next four years of all of our lives. Two years ago, this video would not have been approved by a single record label. A year ago it would never had the possibility of being played on television…. Now, itís up to the broadcasters, will they ban the top selling musical artist for being anti-establishment while they allow other propaganda to air?

Watch it. And here’s the mp3.

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  1. mike melia chimed in:

    Wow — A Great piece by all involved.

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