Luke Melia


June 13, 2004

The Sand is Everywhere

Played two volleyball tournaments in Long Beach this weekend. And the sand keeps materializing. How many grains of sand can two ears hold, I ask you!

These were my first tourneys of the season. Managed a third in Men’s AA and a second in Coed Open. I’d like to win both before the summer’s out.

East End’s prize for our Coed finish was particularly cool. Both Jeanhee and I got a pair of Native Eyewear polarized sunglasses. Haven’t used them to play, but so far they feel good, look good, and the effect of the polarized lens are excellent.

Meanwhile, there is a guy who recently joined our gym who is committed to making it to an AVP final. That’s a whole other world from my mine. Fortunately for him, his level of play is a world above mine, too. It’s nice to see him around. His goals and dedication are inspiring, and he’s a fun challenge to play against.

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