Luke Melia


April 13, 2004


The outsourcing trend and debate hits pretty close to home. As a software developer, my job is of the variety that are going overseas. The destination for a big chunk of these outsourced “knowledge worker” jobs is India, where I lived and traveled for six months in 1999.

I have a relatively zen (or maybe it’s lazy or resigned…) attitude about it all. We live in a time of free-and-getting-freer markets and in a small-and-getting-smaller world. If someone can deliver as much satisfaction as me to a client for less money, it will happen eventually, whether I like it or not. I don’t have the monopolistic weight to change these things.

Salon reports on Rachna Asirvatham in Bangalore, who “has a 56K modem, a bookcase full of software manuals… and a bunch of American clients.” Who am I to begrudge Rachna her opportunity?

My job already demands that I learn daily. It’s one of the things I love about the work. Most of what I am asked to do, I don’t know how to do.

I guess that’s why I’m laissez-faire about outsourcing. If I need to reinvent myself, I can do that. It’s what I do everyday anyway.

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