Luke Melia


February 5, 2004

No to Nader

Larry Lessig has caused a stir in his criticism of Ralph Nader, who is considering another run at the presidency.

Some endorse Nader’s claim: that those asking him not to run are asking for censorship. That was his response to an Open Letter to Ralph Nader in The Nation.

Now, come on, that’s pretty far from censorship. Whose freedom of speech would be infringed on if that letter was not printed, per Nader’s preference? What Lessig, and The Nation, and what the heck, Luke Melia, too, are saying is: we think Nader running for president in 2004 would be more likely to cause harm to this nation than to help it.

If you disagree, Ralph, go ahead and run. No one’s censoring anybody here. Just don’t count on our support.

(BTW, I voted for Nader in 2000. I voted in New York, where it was clear that Gore would win handily, and wanted to make a point — that I was dissatisfied with how corporate the Democratic party had become, that I didn’t see much difference between the two parties. I was wrong. This November, I will vote for the Democrat candidate, whoever it ends up being.)

2 Responses to “No to Nader”

  1. Nader Trader chimed in:

    Wasn’t it just yesterday that you convinced the whole family to vote for nader, bc the democratic party was co-opted by the right wing? than it was dean, whose democratic wing of the democratic party crippled and could not fly anymore? if ralph could hear you now, what would he think? poor nader, sticks his neck out for the american citizens time and time again, only to have the esteemed luke melia blow him out of the water? what has this world come to?

  2. Mike Melia chimed in:

    I have information on the cyber-terrorist who calls herself Nader Trader

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