Luke Melia


July 9, 2002

7/9/02, 2:42 am

And the webmaster said… “let there be comments,” and there were comments. Well, there was now the capability for comments. It remains to be seen if there will actually be any comments.

Man, now I’m feeling some pressure to write something worth commenting on. Ah, screw it.

6 Responses to “7/9/02, 2:42 am”

  1. John chimed in:

    Hey, a comment! One thing though, that “Remember info” checkbox on the form, at least on Mozilla, is hosed. Black inside, can’t tell whether it’s checked or not. Yuck.

  2. Luke chimed in:

    Congrats on being the first commenter. Your prize of a Keepsake Pendant is on it’s way…

    Just kidding. Thanks for the catch. That was a vestige of my attempts to make the checkbox look right on Mac IE5. Any tips on getting rid of the white halo that appears on that browser around checkboxes or radio butons on a colored background?

  3. aardvark chimed in:

    Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants. Raising the bar with your customized, non-lazy version of the commenting form. Damn it, I was just starting to get complacent.

  4. rich chimed in:

    Thats the good stuff! I tend to make interesting posts when drunk… so be warned =P

  5. liz chimed in:

    yo, check it out…i’m the first female to post a comment on luke’s site. a small step for liz, a huge leap for all kinds of women.

  6. Luke chimed in:

    Greetings, female. Welcome to you and your kind.

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