Luke Melia


May 17, 2002

5/17/02, 9:50 pm

Had dinner with my mom at Sou-en tonight. Our trip is getting close. Jessie made arrangements for our travels inside of Peru and Bolivia. So stoked!

My step-mom is at the Emmy’s tonight. She up for a writing award. That category hasn’t been announced yet. Fingers are crossed. UPDATE 10:25 pm: She won!

Creative Commons has launched. Find them here. I hope I can contribute to this.

It’s another beautiful night here. Last night, after Channel 61 won two out of three in our volleyball match, I walked from East 88th diagonally across Central Park and hopped the train home from W. 59th. The scale of the park struck me as very different populated by only me walking and a few couples in this shadow or that one. More majestic somehow.

Playing in my first beach volleyball tournament on Sunday. I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited. I hope I remember the sunscreen…

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