Luke Melia


May 14, 2002

5/13/02, 11:36 pm

My cold is getting better. Lots of sneezing today. Finished my box of tissues and had to buy another.

I walked to the health food store at lunch for soup and brown rice, only to lose the majority of my split pea soup on the floor of the building I work in after the bottom of the paper bag gave out.

After lunch I spent some time staring at the perl and XML on my computer screen waiting for the next sneeze to come. I should have stayed home in bed but wanted to play in our volleyball game tonight, and felt, high-school-style, that I needed to attend work in order to attend my game.

And I’m glad I did! Volleyball victories tonight. Won two out of three. We fell apart psychologically the second game… our passing was everywhere but on target for the first and ultimately decisive half of the game. The net was a little lower than regulation and as a result of that (and some excellent sets) I hit the ball hard enough to leave my shoulder hurting a bit as I write this.

The sweat and running around seemed to help my cold, too.

After my game, I met Meeta at Angelika Kitchen (a contender for my favorite vegan restaurant in the city) for dinner. As always and ever, it was wonderful to see her. We topped off the meal and conversation with a pear tart topped with tahini custard. Delicious…

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