Luke Melia


May 6, 2002

5/6/02, 2:04 am

I’m physically exhausted, but I’ve got a giddy energy hopping through my chest and head. I just spent the last two hours recording, mixing and playing with a song I wrote (“Bulletproof”) with my new electric guitar! It’s a chocolate brown Gibson SG-X. I bought it this morning used off of Craig’s List for $175. I had been planning on waiting a few more months before I got an electric, but this seemed like too good of a deal to pass up.

I don’t have an amp yet, but I ran the guitar through my audio interface and was able to apply effects from my recording software and listen with headphones.

Threw some distortion on the guitar track during the choruses. Added some bass. Then some drums. Then some pipe organ with heavy vibrato. I don’t even know how to describe how much fun this all is!

Spent the day on the Island. If I was the sort of person to worry about getting fat, I’d be worried, because I ate a whole lot of great food today. Michael Vitti’s icebox cake and brownies, which followed a dinner with at least 12 dishes. Dave Sibek, Aunt Lauren and Nana were over, and we all walked around Planting Fields before the feast.

Made firmer plans with Michael to go mountain biking sometime soon. Looking forward to that. In other sporting news, I strangely feel like I haven’t played volleyball in forever, though it’s actually only been about 50 hours or so.

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