Luke Melia


May 5, 2002

5/5/02, 12:22 am

Happy Cinco de Mayo, and Happy 80th Birthday to my grandmother!

My grandmother (“Nana”) had a birthday party today. My little sisters and I decided it was a “grandmothers’ convention.” Lots of old ladies. (Husbands were not invited!) Plus my aunt from California and uncle from Boston were in town for the event.

Lots of great food, leftovers of which I brought to Kris and Patti’s party, where they were duly consumed. After taking three pizza patates and three baguettes out on the train with me and leftovers back, it was quite a relief to finally take the subway home empty-handed.

A couple of Nana’s friends use walkers and canes to get around, and it was clear that some were more mentally clear than others. Observing that made me wonder how I’ll interact with people as I get older. All sorts of interesting issues like losing your own memory, having friends who were once sharp losing their sharpness.

Heading back to Long Island tomorrow to hang with the fam. Thinking about taking a mountain biking adventure with Michael sometime soon. I’m a little worried, though,that I’ll enjoy it too much and end up with a new sport for which I don’t have the time or money.

That’s all folks.

Except this… A Googlebomb per Snappy’s instructions: Verisign. A great target if ever their was one.

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