Luke Melia


May 4, 2002

5/4/02, 12:28 am

Feels like a numbers night…

Minutes from Chelsea to our Midtown West volleyball match by taxi: 50. Match results: won 2, lost 1. My game winning serves: 1. My game losing spikes into the net: 1. Number of celebratory drinks over dinner with the team: 2. Number of dollars spent on said drinks and dinner: $35.

Days until I play in my first ever beach tournament: 15.

Percentage of iPod goal reached: 40%.

Birthday my grandmother will celebrate tomorrow: 80. Number of potato pizzas I’m picking up from the Sullivan Street Bakery and bringing by train to Long Island: 3.

Number of web pages we have relaunched with a completely new design in the last two weeks at work: more than 3000.

Number of months I’ve been single: 7. Longest time I’ve been single since I started dating, in months: 7.

Number of songs I’ve written since I’ve been single: 8.5. Number of songs written before that: 0.

Number of weeknights in April that I came home and hung out alone (checked my Palm… crazy!): 0.

Number of days until I leave for Peru: 27.

Average number of daily page views on this site since March 21 of 2001: 88.14.

Number of songs I’m going to play before turning in tonight: 2 or 3. Maybe 4.

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