Luke Melia


May 2, 2002

5/2/02, 12:56 am

It’s a musical, musical life.

Listened to Trey Anastasio’s new album this morning, on Anthony’s recommendation. Great stuff. A good summertime album. And there’s nothing quite like a good summertime album!

As promised, some time ago, here’s an mp3 of the results of the recording session I did the with my sister Monica. The song is “Give You Rain” and that’s an almost-twelve-year-old on both guitar parts, the lead vocals, and she wrote the song, too.

Molly came by tonight and we worked on a duet I wrote. It’s called He Said, She Said. She’s got a beautiful voice and her sense of harmony really brought the song to life. We did a little recording but nothing for public consumption for a bit.

Tunes bop alongside
Play softly while you cry
Lay down beats to a dance
Set the mood for romance

Music turns back the clock
Mends the hole in your holy sock
Makes you make it in a graceful way
Helps you smile thoughout your day

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