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April 1, 2002

3/31/02, 11:57 pm

Buenas noches to the month of March. I had some really nice naps this weekend.

Friday afternoon, I attended a client meeting for a freelance web development project. It went well, and I was back at my apartment by five. I made plans to go the gym, workout, walk over to Whole Foods and shop for dinner, come home and cook. Instead, I called in a grocery order to the health food store, took a nap, woke up to put the groceries away. I then decided that I didn’t have the energy to cook and ate chips and hummus instead while playing with CSS until three in the morning.

I didn’t get to nap at all on Saturday, though I did sleep in. Dave drove into the city with his guitar and we played together outside in the park under a very welcome springtime sun. The trees on my block are in full blossom. We walked across town and had dinner with April, Kent, Jen, Jane and a friend of Jane’s at a tapas place. Delish! I even enjoyed the over-priced pitchers of sangria. We then the proceeded to celebrate Jane and Jen’s birthday at a nearby bar at a party they had dubbed “Squeeze the Girls”!

It was great to see April. She seems to be doing really well and is contemplating a move back to NYC. Needless to say, I’m just one of many New Yorkers who would love to see that happen.

When I came home, I stayed up late researching midi keyboard/synthesizers on the web. I dreamt about them that night.

Today I had brunch with Mary in Brooklyn (French), dinner with James in the Village (Ethiopian) and did laundry (Hispanic). In between, I had the second wonderful nap of the weekend, and a nice conversation with Brad in which I learned more than I knew there was to know about microphones for recording acoustic guitar and vocals.

The laundry is still sitting unfolded on the bed, the casualty of my acoustic guitar’s superior attention-getting skills. I wrote my last song of March. It’s called “Hang On Blue Skies.” Here’s the tab.

Here’s the latest from Jessica’s experiences in Bolivia. I like how she calls the members of the families she stays with her mother, her grandmother, her sisters. Also, this quote cracked me up: “…this past week was different from anything i’d ever known. The
food was fabulous, they had 4 pigs, 1 goat, 15 chickens, dogs and cats. so much
life in such a small space, reminded me a little of our house growing up, with
so much love among so many people.”

Time to fold that laundry. Or maybe a little more guitar, first…

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